BCC - Spring 2008 Syllabus
Course Name : CIS 10
Course Description : Basic Computing Skills
Instructor : Igor Kholodov Igor.Kholodov@bristolcc.edu
Office: K211
Telephone: 508-678-2811 ext. 3328
URL of this file: http://www.c-jump.com/CIS10/CIS10syllabus.htm

Catalogue Description

Students are introduced to computers and to business applications with emphasis on spreadsheet, database, presentation, and word processing applications. Students learn to use applications individually and to use multiple applications to develop a project. Projects have a practical business basis to help students develop the ability to use computers effectively in their personal and professional lives. Students learn to use email effectively and to do research on the Internet using multiple browsers and their advanced features. This course is designed for students with no prior computing experience and is not part of any CIS options. It is not open to students who have successfully completed CIS 11.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:


Performing with Microsoft Office 2003: Introductory Course
By Iris Blanc, Cathy Vento
ISBN 10: 0-619-18381-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-619-18381-3 © 2005
Publish date: June 3, 2004
984 pages, Hardcover

Course Requirements

Evaluation: You are responsible for all assigned readings and for material covered in class. The course will include a variety of projects, quizzes, and a two-hour final exam.

Projects and Labs

There will be a series of projects assigned throughout the semester. Homework is assigned on a weekly basis, and is due next week. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to check the course website for homework assignments.

Late assignments will have five points deducted from its grade for each day late. Projects more than 1 week late will NOT be accepted.

Class Participation

Be sure to do the required reading and assignments before attending the class. You will be more successful entering into discussion with some understanding of the material before hand.

Attendance and lateness: After two absences, a student may be withdrawn from the course. After one warning about lateness and/or absences, your final grade will be lowered ten points for each day the student is late or absent from that point. In case you are late or absent, it is your responsibility to get the course notes.


There will be several quizzes, and a two (2) hour exam at the end of the course.

Grading and Evaluation Criteria

Attendance & Class Participation 10%
Homework Assignments 20%
Lab Assignments 20%
Final Examination 25%
Quizzes 25%

Lab Assignments will be graded using the following system:

Appearance 25%
Content 25%
Accuracy 25%
English 25%

Final Grades will be assigned as follows:

97 - 100 A+
94 - 96 A
90 - 93 A-
87 - 89 B+
84 - 86 B
80 - 83 B-
77 - 79 C
74 - 76 C
70 - 73 C-
60 - 69 D
Below 60 F

Teaching Methodology

The lecture will be the principal teaching method used in this course. "Handouts" and other information will be available on the class web page. Class discussions will be conducted pertaining to the Lab assignments before each assignment is made and after it is due. Demos using an overhead projector will be used in class.

Office Hours

Office Hours will be posted and appointments can be arranged via e-mail or during class breaks.

Course Schedule

11471 CIS-10-B01 M    11:00 AM - 11:50 AM   Basic Computing Skills           K101
11471 CIS-10-A01 T    11:00 AM - 11:50 AM   Basic Computing Skills           K230
11471 CIS-10-B01 F    11:00 AM - 11:50 AM   Basic Computing Skills           K101

Note: This syllabus is a suggested course outline and will be generally followed, subject to change according to the instructor's discretion and needs. Academic flexibility is important.