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About us

c-jump ®  is a registered trademark of c-jump factory, based in Holbrook, Massachusetts. Our main business is manufacturing educational games for children, college students, and adults. We stock c-jump games (US Patent 6,135,451) and planning to offer variety of learning tools and products in the future.

As a company, we have established exceptional relationship, care, and attention to our customers. We aim to continually evolve this site and look forward to offer a range of innovative products online.

Our game printing company, DeLano Service/EPI, Inc., is located in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA.

Igor Kholodov is currently teaching computer science courses at Bristol Community College, Fall River, Massachusetts.

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Contact phone: 602-492-5867
Mailing Address: Igor Kholodov
204 Sycamore St
Holbrook, Massachusetts 02343
United States

US Patent 6,135,451
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