Bristol Community College - Spring 2017 Syllabus
Course Name : CIT-102
Course Description : Security Awareness
Instructor : Igor Kholodov
Office : K211
Telephone: 508-678-2811 ext. 3328
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CIT-102 Security Awareness

Catalog Description

This course introduces students to security and data confidentiality. The course presents a broad overview to help the student become more aware of computer security. Topics include securing data, confidentiality, integrity of data, password policies, and issues related to liability. One hour of lecture per week.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

Required Text

Security Awareness, 4th edition

Security Awareness: Applying Practical Security in Your World
by Mark Ciampa, Cengage Learning
4 edition (January 1, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1111644187
ISBN-13: 978-1111644185

Disability Accommodations

If you are a student who would normally seek accommodations in a traditional, face to face classroom, please speak to me and the Office of Disability Services as soon as possible. You may contact the Office of Disability Services to arrange for appropriate accommodations by calling 508-678-2811--Fall River, ext. 2955; Attleboro, ext. 2996; New Bedford, ext. 4011) or by stopping by L109. You may also contact the Office of Disability Services online at

Course Format

The course is being taught as a distance learning course. The student is responsible for keeping up to date with assignments, studying notes and presentations and finding additional tutorials and resources to support their learning. The assigned readings, class exercises and project details will be available from the class Web page.

Late assignments will have five points deducted from its grade for each day late. Projects more than 1 week late will NOT be accepted

Weights for the Final Grade Determination

    Quizzes and Homework Assignments  75%
                       Midterm Paper  15%
                          Final Exam  10%

The Final Grades will be assigned as follows:

    97 - 100  A+ 
    93 - 96   A 
    90 - 92   A- 
    87 - 89   B+ 
    83 - 86   B 
    80 - 82   B- 
    77 - 79   C+ 
    73 - 76   C 
    70 - 72   C- 
    67 - 69   D+ 
    63 - 66   D 
    60 - 62   D- 
    Below 60  F 

Minimum Requirements for a Passing Grade

Attendance and Class Participation

Attendance is recorded weekly based on the student's ability to submit quality and timely home work assignments by the due date posted. Students are considered "present" when they submit the required assignment (with a satisfying passing grade) prior to the due date for that week. Poor attendance may affect your final grade. A student may be withdrawn from the course after two missed due dates. Your final grade may be lowered by ten points for each day the submitted work is late.

BCC Academic Policies

College-wide Academic Policies outlined in BCC Academic Catalog directly apply to this course. It is your responsibility to read carefully and understand Academic Information, especially Academic Integrity, Academic Dishonesty, Academic Negligence, Plagiarism, and Classroom conduct, which are published online:

Success Tip

Here is a success tip From BCC Student Handbook, page 8: "For each hour in class, you should expect to study at least 2-3 hours outside of class. Know your limits, avoid over scheduling yourself (whether it be work or class). Set up a schedule that you know will allow you to earn good grades. And, maintain a day planner to help you stay organized."


Introduction to Security

Personal Security

Computer Security

Midterm Paper

Internet Security

Mobil Security

Workplace Security

Note: This syllabus is not to be construed as a contract in any way, shape, manner or form. This syllabus is a suggested course outline and will be generally followed, subject to change according to the instructor's discretion and needs. Academic flexibility is important!