Course List:

Random Access Files

  1. Sequential vs. Random Access Files
  2. Sequential vs. Random Access Files, cont.
  3. FileChannel class
  4. ByteBuffer
  5. Example: FileChannel and ByteBuffer classes
  6. BufferedWriter example: writing sequential records
  7. FileChannel example: writing one random record
  8. FileChannel example: writing multiple random records
  9. Reading existing random access files
  10. BufferedReader example: reading random access file sequentially
  11. FileChannel example: accessing a random access file randomly
  12. RandomAccessFile class
  13. RandomAccessFile vs. FileChannel vs. BufferedReader
  14. BufferedReader example: reading text file
  15. RandomAccessFile modes
  16. RandomAccessFile implements DataOutput and DataInput interfaces
  17. RandomAccessFile example: writing binary file
  18. RandomAccessFile example: reading binary file
  19. RandomAccessFile example: fixed-length string I/O