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Binary files

  1. I/O class hierarchy
  2. Binary Files
  3. OutputStream hierarchy, raw byte streams
  4. DataOutputStream, OutputStream hierarchy
  5. OutputStream hierarchy constructors
  6. DataOutputStream, writing binary data
  7. DataOutputStream: opening binary file for appending
  8. Console output: writing byte array using OutputStream
  9. DataOutputStream implements DataOutput interface
  10. DataOutputStream methods
  11. DataOutputStream, writing binary file
  12. InputStream hierarchy, raw byte streams
  13. DataInputStream, InputStream hierarchy
  14. InputStream hierarchy constructors
  15. DataInputStream, binary input stream
  16. DataInputStream implements DataInput interface
  17. DataInputStream methods
  18. DataInputStream example: reading binary file
  19. DataOutputStream: writing binary strings
  20. DataOutputStream example: two ways to write a binary string
  21. DataInputStream example: two ways to read a binary string
  22. Creating writeable file with Files.newOutputStream( ) method
  23. StandardOpenOption constants
  24. Example: BufferedOutputStream, Files.newOutputStream( )