Java Programming I on YouTube:


  1. Things to discuss
  2. Basic Components of a Class
  3. Object Creation
  4. Object creation and method calls
  5. Primitive types and reference types
  6. The architecture of a three-tiered application
  7. Class diagram Example
  8. UML diagramming notes
  9. The instance variables and constructors
  10. The "setter" and "getter" methods
  11. A custom method example
  12. A custom constructor
  13. A custom constructor, cont.
  14. A constructor with one parameter
  15. Using the this keyword
  16. Example of calling a constructor
  17. Creating an object in one or two statements
  18. Method Call Syntax
  19. Using static methods and constant data
  20. static Initialization Block
  21. static Initialization Block, cont.
  22. An alternative to static blocks
  23. static and instance variables/methods
  24. More things to discuss