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CPU Flags and Data Manipulation

  1. Adding and Subtracting Integers
  2. The Processor Flags (Condition Codes)
  3. Carry Flag
  4. Overflow Condition
  5. Overflow Condition, Cont
  6. Overflow Condition, Cont
  7. INC and DEC Instructions
  8. INC and DEC Instructions, Cont.
  9. INC and DEC Example
  10. CLC, STC, CMC - Direct Carry Flag Manipulation
  11. Overflow Flag Examples
  12. The LAHF and SAHF Instructions
  13. The NEG Instruction
  14. The SHL Instruction, Shift Logical Bit Left
  15. The SHR Instruction, Shift Logical Bit Right
  16. The SAR Instruction, Shift Arithmetic Right