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Data Types and Memory Allocation

  1. Integer Data Types
  2. Allocating Memory for Integer Variables
  3. Data Organization: DB, DW, and EQU
  4. Endianness: Byte Ordering in Computer Memory
  5. Little Endian Example
  6. Big and Little Endian
  7. Data Allocation Directives
  8. Abbreviated Data Allocation Directives
  9. Multi-byte Definitions
  10. Symbol Table
  11. Correspondence to C Data Types
  12. Data Allocation Directives, Cont.
  13. Size of an Integer
  14. Integer Formats
  15. Data Allocation Directives for Uninitialized Data
  16. Working with Simple Variables, PTR operator
  17. Copying Data Values
  18. The MOV Instruction
  19. More MOV Instruction Types
  20. XCHG Instruction, Exchanging Integers
  21. The XCHG Examples
  22. Memory-to-memory exchange
  23. BSWAP Instruction Swap Bytes
  24. Extending Signed and Unsigned Integers
  25. Sign Extending Signed Value
  26. Sign Extending Unsigned Value
  27. Sign Extending with MOVSX and MOVZX
  28. The XLATB Instruction